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"Our professionalism, local knowledge and expertise is exactly what your project requires. From beginning to end, we provide a unique service by a team of dedicated people, to ensure your project is completed on time and delivered accurately."

JBA Surveys has evolved to be one of the most progressive and active surveying groups in Western Australia. 


JBA employs Licensed and Engineering Surveyors, Graduate Surveyors, Part Time students studying at Curtin University and TAFE, experienced computing and drafting specialists, and experienced office administration team.


Our field survey teams use 4WD vehicles allowing ease of access to most sites in all weather conditions.  The survey teams are equipped with robotic total stations, a range of GPS equipment from “Real Time” to millimetre geodetic quality and have developed the most efficient methods of collecting survey data for presentation and transfer to clients in both hard copy and digital format. Our staff is equipped with digital and conventional high precision levels capable of sub-millimetre accuracies. 


Our electronic survey equipment is well maintained and regularly calibrated which enables JBA Surveys to provide the most reliable, accurate and efficient survey results. 


The use of the latest software for both the reduction and presentation of survey results is consistent with JBA Surveys progression into a total digital environment. Whether being used for large-scale subdivision projects, geodetic or engineering surveys, the capabilities of our range of software have helped to reduce turn-around times and produce quality products for our clients. 


The team at JBA Surveys

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