At JBA Surveys we pride ourselves on the vast expertise our staff has across all aspects of the surveying science.  Some of the common disciplines we provide service in are:

Land Development & Subdivision

  • Project Management

  • Due diligence / Potential to subdivide advice

  • Residential Design Code (R-Code) information

  • Assistance with the subdivision process

  • Preparation and lodgement of subdivision applications

  • General Land Tenure advice and information

  • Boundary dispute and mediation

  • Certificate of Title searching

Cadastral Surveys

  • Land Boundary surveys

  • Adverse Possession surveys

  • Freehold (Green Title) and Survey Strata subdivisions

  • Built Strata subdivisions

  • Conversion to Survey Strata subdivisions

  • Crown Land surveys

  • Lease and Tenancy surveys

  • Easement surveys

  • Deposited Plan and Strata Plan drafting and lodgement

  • Attention to subdivision clearances

  • Assistance and advice for Applications for new Certificates of Titles

Engineering Surveys

  • Contour and Feature (Topographic) surveys

  • Digital Terrain Modelling surveys

  • Building Construction set-out and as-built surveys

  • Road and Services set-out and as-built surveys

  • A Spec (R-Spec, D-Spec and O Spec) as–constructed subdivision surveys

  • Industrial precision alignment and as-built surveys

  • Monitor and Deformation surveys

GPS Surveys

  • Real Time Kinematic (RTK), Static and Virtual Reference Station (VRS) surveys

  • Network and Control surveys

  • Photo Target installation and survey

  • Asset Management data capture surveys

  • Underground Service set-out and as-built surveys

Hydrographic Surveys

  • Coastal and dune profile surveys

  • River Bank Erosion Surveys

  • Seabed Bathymetry and Digital Terrain Modelling surveys

  • Seawall, Jetty, Channel and Groyne surveys

  • 3D Laser Scanning

  • BIM Modelling and Revit model compilation

  • Internal and Building Facade modelling

  • Scans for Architectural Design

  • Telecommunication Tower Scanning

  • Full Colour Scans

Laser Scanning

Town Planning

  • Re-Zoning Applications

  • Subdivision Feasibility Reports

  • Scheme Amendments

  • Development Applications

  • Planning Advice

  • SAT Representation

Aerial Drone Surveys & Mapping

  • Orthorectified Aerial Photographs

  • 3D Point Clouds

  • Fly through Videos

  • Terrain Modelling and DTM Mesh

  • Remote Area access